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high school musical
Sunday, June 24, 2018

I just rewatched the entire high school musical trilogy and... wow, I cried a lot for the third movie. I'm not sure whether it's because I'm rewatching now, when I'm a lot older and I'm able to understand graduation a lot better, or whether it's just because the lyrics hit so close to home.

The final song, High School Musical, made so many references to the previous movies that it made my heart ache knowing that it was the last time everyone got together and danced the number.

we learn to fly/ together side by side
Troy and Gabriella sung this, and I'm sure we all know that it's a reference to Breaking Free in HSM 1

when sharpay and ryan sung together, sharpay did a jazz square
This is a reference to Ryan's "the crowd always loves a good jazz square" in HSM1, Bop to the Top

the curtains drew, the high school musical marquee lowered, and they jumped
Just like HSM1's movie poster.

Oh my god, the feels. Especially when they keep reusing the phrases such as we're all in this together, work this out and get your head in the game - my little heart can't cope!!! High School Musical is such a magical franchise, and it still stays as my favourite till today. till forever.

high school musical, who says we have to let it go?

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Saturday, June 9, 2018

I think I blog in spurts. When I am reminded of the fact that I have a blog and that I love writing, the blog posts just come flowing! (haha)

Today I went for a tuition try-out which was supposed to be from 10am - 11am. But who knew that I would end up staying till 6pm?

I mean, it wasn't a bad thing. It's interesting, really.

The method of teaching is really unconventional, and the workbooks are super cool. Despite the centre saying that they are specialised in math, they are actually honing the kids to think critically and honestly, it really tests their IQ lol. It tested mine when I attempted to help the students today - I totally froze and went like wtf in my head, because I was not anticipating such questions to end up in a p2 kid's workbook.

But because of that, I believe that this centre is actually doing something useful for the children! It's not like mindless studying / copying, it's a lot of holistic development for the kids too and I am left thinking, why didn't I have this when I was their age (LOL).

The owners of the centre are really nice too, and I feel like I'm working for something really big. Although the centre is small, it honestly feels like family already and they have big and noble dreams. To help kids with special needs / learning disabilities, to enable them to think more critically and not be so academically focused, to care for the wellbeing of the children as well as the staff and parents.

I think I've found a job for quite a few years.

But... my weekends.

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internship - again!
Friday, June 8, 2018

It feels like all I'm doing right now is giving a brief of what had happened over the past month(s) or so (lmao) - but I haven't really been writing blogposts anymore? Not sure if anyone reads this too (let me know if you still do!)

But yes, my summer intern had start approximately a month ago - hence, the lack of time. As usual. It's either school or internship taking up the bulk of the hours and I come home tired and just wanting a rest. Okay but I'm not exactly complaining, because it gives me more opportunities to meet up with the old friends (read: lovarts and the rest)! It's really nice being able to hang out and still having our conversations flowing despite not spending that much time over the semesters. Granted, the topics stay the same but there are always things to talk about! Maybe it's a girls thing.

My life has been kind of a mess lately. I haven't really thought about things and there are a lot of considerations happening right now - which makes talking to lovarts so good! - that I can't make up my mind. Uncertainty has been gnawing at me for the longest time.

Not sure if the future me who reads this know what I'm talking about, but I'm sure she'll be smart enough to go figure out from other sources. (please do!)

It's 11:56pm now, and I have a interview/class scheduled tomorrow from 10am to 11am. Mints asked me to meet up tomorrow after lunch, so I'm going to catch her in the afternoon! My social life has been so happening right now and I'm not sure if I love it entirely? But it's cool. I have no social life once the sem starts (lol).

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

dancing in the moonlight

everybody's feeling warm and bright

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

heya guys, it's been a while. Apparently it's taking really long for me to write out my entire Japan trip because it's basically 11 days, and I forgot to factor in how much effort I have to put in while juggling my studies :') My bad.

Anyway, just decided to check in with you guys because I realised that my last post was basically on 30 January? Which means I skipped the entire of February and March is coming to an end. February was a whirlwind, because of Chinese New Year. Visiting was not all fun and games, and my projects were just piling up one after another.

Now that we are almost through with March, the deadlines are just looming around the corner (I submitted two reports just yesterday and the day before, and I have 3 more to go. Hooray!!) To be honest, Uni will be fun if the professors are actually *nice* people and love what they are teaching. Of course, most of them are. But there are just some outliers who just spoil the entire semester for you :')

I have been fortunate enough to have been graced by the presence of the black sheep, and I am in class currently while I'm typing this. I have missed out on the feedback session for the teaching faculty, so I have no means to actually give feedback about him to the school about his attitude and behaviour in class. Ready?

He comes late. For every. Single. Class.

He is a hypocrite - scolding students for coming in late, while being late himself. Logic?

He doesn't bring his materials (eg, markers) and has to loan from exchange students in the class.

He shows videos in class... To teach us the basics/ foundations. Meaning? He doesn't teach us, he shows educational videos so that we learn from them. In that case, can't we just have this entire mod based on elearning alone?

He is monotonous, and no one listens.

He is pissy and quick to throw a fit, when no one is listening. Maybe he should reflect why?

He very openly shows favouritism.

He goes, are you serious? when someone says he/she doesn't understand something.

He gets upset when no one wants to ask him questions. I wonder why?

In what way is this a conducive environment for learning? And to think we are Singapore's best university.

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