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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Hey guys - I'm back again. I had originally wanted to write a short little passage of sorts from r/WritingPrompts, but none of them struck me as particularly interesting so I just ditched the idea and decided to just write about my life instead. I mean, that's kind of precisely the main point of a blog, right?


I wrote the above a couple of weeks back, but didn't know how else to continue the post since I was basically going to talk about nothing (lol). But hey, something exciting happened today and I can't wait to document it!

Basically, I organised a small primary school class gathering over at Just Acia with Stanford a month ago and it finally came to fruition. Stanford casually brought up the idea about having a class reunion and urged me to organise one and I thought it was a great idea - I mean, we haven't seen each other in years (like... 8 years) and I would love to have everyone meet up and chat and just catch up. But I got him to kinda organise it with me, so we started adding people into our once-dead whatsapp chat and I started the usual chain message.

Soon enough, there were 28 people in our group and 11 people were attending - hooray! It was such a success :) We were honestly just catching up with each other's life, like "oh what are you studying now? / which unit are you in? / what are you going to study in uni?" etc and of course reminisce about the old days when we were all stupid young kids, "remember that time when we threw rocks at our teacher's car and the police came down / water babies / canteen food stalls". It was such a huge throwback and I really believe that everyone had such a great time :) It's honestly insane how far we've come? From 12 year olds to 20 year olds and just the extent that we have matured.

Also, since most of them are pretty damn successful, they just felt like they came from an entire class above me. We were talking about Kazakhstan and how their overall education system, political system and whatnot are misaligned and it was just so, so eyeopening because I would never have such a conversation with my other friends. It honestly felt like I was in a whole new world with people who are just so freaking smart and talented, who takes the SATs for fun, who studied H3 subjects and what not. It was so... unreal. Like, wow. These were my classmates? Then what happened to me?

lol okay I swear I wasn't going to turn this into a pity party or whatever but I really felt so inspired after the short meet up. If they could do so much with their lives over the span of 8 years, then why can't I do the same since we started off on the same foot, at the same starting point? It spurred me on to do even better in life and to really make myself the best version I can be. Time to start stepping out of my comfort zone and read up more. Expand on my knowledge and skills and be the best that I can be.

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Friday, September 8, 2017

hey guys! It's been a fairly long time since I kinda, yknow, properly *blogged* so just decided to pop by and say hi! To be honest, writing hasn't been playing that big of a role since I had entered Uni because school just takes up a huge bulk of my time, and my assignments and commitments take up the sparing little breathers I get - which leaves me little to no alone time, per se. Alone time being time to chill and properly relax before launching myself full-force into my pile of work. But anyway, I think it was kind of fated? I'm using kind of right now because I'm not entirely sure how to describe this situation, but ok let me just give you guys a brief rundown of what basically happened today (lol).

It's friday right? So I finish my Japanese class, book out merrily, and plop myself down on my rolly-chair in my room and start surfing the Internet (ok, Youtube). And oops, I guess this is when you discover my ruse that um, I actually *may* have some pockets of spare time but I just decide to squander it wastefully on watching distasteful Youtube videos instead of studying and blogging. Lol. But ok I digress. So I was like watching Naomi's videos (lel) since I missed it a couple of days ago when I saw speishi's video and yknow how the Youtube spiral goes, right? You click on a video and a related video that's pretty interesting pops up and you venture into a whole new universe. So I somehow really randomly stumbled upon this other Singaporean Youtuber whom I have no clue about and oh my god I am so freaking thankful I found her??????

She's like basically #goals la tbh but not in like those fitspo kind, but more of like personality, character, class and attitude? If you get what I mean? And not to mention since she's studying Theatre and stuff her English is like *on point* and I honestly enjoy her storytelling videos immensely to the point that I binged watched like all of them plus her other videos like hauls and whatnot.

And ok if you guys know me well enough, I tend to get very easily influenced and by very, I mean honestly really super intense very. So because I've watched like basically 3-5 hours worth of her videos, I'm quite influenced by her now in terms of her speaking? And it made me realise oh my god I haven't been practising my art of writing (lol) or like tried articulating my words as clearly and as engagingly as her.

So... here I am. Blogging after what seems like eons but I'm really glad I quickly opened my tab to pen this down? I think writing is such an art that is so underrated nowadays and it deteriorates so quickly that if you stop writing for even perhaps a week, your skills just get dull and blunt and you spend like a month to polish it up again. Does this mean that I'm going to blog frequently from now on? Err, maybe? Maybe not? I don't know if my schedule allows it (lol ok I'm making excuses again) and honestly writing requires you to get in the mood. If you have no mood for writing, your piece, no matter what it is, is going to turn out shite and you wouldn't like it and you just wonder to yourself, why the heck did I publish that or why the hell did I write it in that state of mind????? But ok ok I digress again. I'm just honestly super glad that I got back into writing (although I'm still unsure about how brief this writing bout is going to last me but I definitely hope long enough for me to get my mojo back) and that I can finally call this space mine again.

To all my friends and occasional random readers, all the best in whatever you're doing in life right now! Yay. Imma end it now. Byeeeeee

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Look What You Made Me Do
Saturday, September 2, 2017

I really, really enjoyed watching this - the style is right up my alley!

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

find someone who is willing to put you before himself, and vice versa

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now you see me
Sunday, August 6, 2017

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