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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The internship season has begun (quite long ago, I might add) and so I have started on my internship journey!

Initially I'd thought it was lost cause with my internship situation because I've sent out countless of applications before finals, but none of them actually came back to ask me for more information or to settle the terms (lol). But my luck took a turn for the better and I've managed to land myself an internship at Mindshare!

Mindshare's a company under Group M, and they are basically doing media and marketing services! It has been a dream working here - the staff welfare are just boundless and plentiful that it makes the job so fun and enjoyable!

CNN visited our office on my first day of internship, and I got to get a go with being in front of the cameras and did a mock reporting as a news anchor. Not to mention there was also a welcome lunch for us interns (there were three of us), so we had some scrumptious dim sum at a restaurant across the street which was sponsored by the company.

On our third day, there was a party after work which had bottles of wine and beer, together with catered food (aglio olio and seafood with dessert, anyone?) as there was a team which was going to join us! Us interns had a great time mingling more with the permanent staff; I'd managed to show someone Ohmelette's dance piece HAHA and it was great! Who rejects free wine anyway?

And on Friday, there was *yet* another event! It was some pop up event and there were free crepes and, who would've guessed, more wine, beer and cider (haha) so another intern and I queued up for it in the middle of the day and we basically drank while working lol.

The workload has been pretty heavy, with lots of responsibility piled on my shoulders. But it's all good though - I'm learning so much in such a short time span with all the new terms and acronyms, alongside with new programs and softwares that I'm supposed to use daily (heh). It has definitely been a great internship so far! The other interns are nice too and we have lunches together :)

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JB Trip
Monday, May 15, 2017

The first post after the end of my finals shall be on a good note, I thought to myself - hence it shall be about the JB trip that I went on friday!

In all honesty it wasn't something that I was particularly looking forward to, seeing that I did not know what JB had to offer and I can't say that I'm exactly close to the people I was going with. Sure we were all hall friends, but definitely not super close friends, you know?

But it was still my first JB trip nonetheless and when the date drew near, I found myself anticipating this one day trip.


The day started off a little bit off the wrong foot: we all agreed to meet at 930am at Kranji, but we were only at full attendance at 1030am (lmao) so I was feeling a little bit... iffy? I would say? I mean, if you know me, punctuality is wayyyy on top on my priority list (I would even dare say, the first item) so I was already feeling a bit annoyed to say the least. But it was all good - the bus arrived, we all piled on and started taking ig stories all over to document this journey of us leaving Singapore and driving across the causeway.

After all the immigration checks and whatnot, we have arrived in JB! We first had some lunch at Swenson's (hahaha ya I know right) at City Square Mall for a good SGD$7 and then we had some SGD$2 Gong Cha! It was our lucky day because Jocelyn and I were looking out for something to quench our thirst with (Swenson's did not provide us with glasses of plain water) and she suggested some Gong Cha which I gladly complied with. To our surprise, we saw this massive long queue and a rather degrading remark was made (which I would definitely not post here) before realising that the long queue was because it was Friday, and they had a promotion of RM5 for any regular sized drink! I opted for a large to it was RM6, essentially SGD$2 for a nice large cup of salted caramel chocolate. Yum.

We then explored the mall a little and went around playing in this structure which was modelled after a bus in some extended part of the mall, before stopping at Baskin Robbin's since someone wanted to get his fix of ice cream. It was then when we properly kind of interacted with each other, with John zooming in into a part of someone's face and everyone guessing who it was. It ended up being hilarious when Ray's eye was shown and everyone  (Ray included) was debating on whether it was my eye, or Jocelyn's - only to collapse in laughter when it was shockingly revealed to be Ray's!

After that little game we decided that it was time to leave and we each took separate cabs to go over to KSL. There were nine of us in total, so we split into three groups and had two groups hailing a cab while my group (which thankfully had Jocelyn) got a Grab and each paid like RM2 for the 10 minutes ride.

KSL was pretty boring though - the shops just seemed to remind me of Bugis Street air-conditioned, with various little pop up stores along the floors most of them selling phone related gadgets or services. But we went to KSL as two of us wanted to go for a massage - so the rest of us were just doing some aimless window shopping. We had a short two minutes of fun when John was playing the claw machine (the toy was lifted up, but unfortunately did not drop into the chute) before going into Popular (my idea, no surprises there) and coming out with some stationery! I bought a Sarasa and a refill for RM3.90. Cheap thrills.

After meeting up with the rest we left KSL to go to Jalan Dhoby for some cafe hopping! Apparently Jalan Dhoby is kind of like Haji Lane, with some hipster shops and a ton of cafes. So we piled into two cabs (we took Grab again, and it was like another RM2) and went on our way. We first went into a cafe selling coconut ice cream / thai iced milk tea, but none of us really got anything other than John and Ray. But this cafe had wifi (!) so soon enough everyone was on their phones taking ig stories again lmao. Our generation.

After they polished off their ice creams and drinks, we headed over to another cafe across the street and we spent like three hours there. Each of us bought something - Jocelyn and I shared some oreo churros and nutella waffles which added up to RM6 per person omg - and just sat there playing Truth or Truth the entire time. It was a game of risque questions being thrown around, and honestly was the highlight of the entire day (haha). Of course, I was blushing throughout the entirety of the game because how can I not afford to feel embarrassed for the questions they were made to answer??? They were ruthless and savage when it came to their turn to ask questions but thankfully Jocelyn, Chiqi and I were pretty much spared those questions because we are all angels (cue angel emoji here).

Soon enough the time was eight so we headed to this seafood tze char place which is apparently quite well-visited by most of the frequent JB goers. The food was alright - pretty cheap and tasty - but it wasn't something that I can fully appreciate seeing that I do not enjoy seafood, heh. Sue me.

When I finally reached home and was ready for bed it was already 1am lol. It was definitely a tiring day, yes, but I'm glad that I went ahead with the trip and did not pull out at the last minute (lol).

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Saturday, April 29, 2017

It makes me have a ghost of a smile when I think about how far I've come - it's been almost twenty years since I've stepped into this world and the ways I've changed, the things that are of importance, the kind of thoughts that plague me have all shaped me to become who I am today.

It's amazing how people can really grow without much realisation, until you actually take a step back and look. Life events which you thought were the best or worst moments of your life moulds you to become the person you are; the ways you have overcome challenges and monumental issues just make you so much stronger. You may not realise it - I have not realised it - but you have changed.

We have all changed.

And even though some may feel apprehensive about the change because "change isn't good" - change is growth.

So embrace change.

Change is the only constant.

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

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Friday, April 14, 2017

Although my finals are just around the corner, I decided to put aside some time for play (lol) and visited Artbox on its opening day today! It opens at 3pm and lasts all the way to 11pm, so we went around 3ish 4 only to realise it was raining. Thankfully Bayfront is exactly where Marina Bay Sands Shoppes is, so we managed to do some window shopping and I snagged this scented three wick candle at $15 from Bath and Body Works. Woop!

Eventually the rain slowed to a drizzle and we made our way to Artbox, only to realise that it was extremely jam packed with people and it was almost impossible to walk. Everyone was just inching slowly forwards or backwards, struggling to stay with their friends or families. Jostles, nudges, brushes - you could literally feel almost everyone who was shuffling past you because you barely had any space to breathe. Wearing flowy clothes? Forget about it looking nice - it'll just stick to you because you'd be perspiring buckets and there isn't enough space for your clothes to billow out in the wind.

We managed to find this nice churros stall which sold thai milk tea too ($5 for the churros, and $1 for the milk tea add on) but the queue was a total turn off. I'm not even sure if I should be calling it a queue because it was merely such a jumbled mess with a large crowd just swarming the stall and no one was actually properly queuing, so it was all banking on how well you manage to make your way to the stall front and eventually shout your order before anyone else could. It took me around 25 minutes in total to get my churros and drink - not really worth it when you're just shoulder to shoulder with the people around you in the hot sweltering sun.

We ultimately got the heck out of there because the crowd was way too much to bear - not before I managed to snap some quick pictures at the front near the stage before we left in a hurry (haha).

The concept is just an atas version of a pasar malam, with music blasting out from speakers and fairy lights strung across the stalls - definitely a place to visit if you don't mind crowds and would like that perfect instagram photo after your visit to ilight. But if you are like most of us who cannot stand crowds and overpriced food items, just give it a miss. You're better off visiting the local pasar malams in the neighbourhoods.

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